We Heard It First: Beyond Tha Noize Releases New Hit “Dance All Night”

Richard Sacilotto aka Beyond Tha Noize is a DJ and producer currently based out of Melbourne, Australia. Heavily inspired by his father growing up who also was a DJ when he was young. His father never made millions of dollars but he instilled in him his love for sharing his style of music with everyone that entered the venues he performed at. This alone jolted his inspiration to bring that same energy and happiness around the world. His most recent project, Beyond Tha Noize, seeks to create an atmospheric and immersive sound mixed with an engaging performance style and stunning attention to subtle details of this production. Excited to hear “Dance All Night”.

This track is a dance HIT! Richard knows exactly what he is doing with this project Beyond Tha Noize. The song comes in strong with a heavily composed 30 second intro. Guiding us right into these eccentric vocals that we cannot help but to dance to. Then about midway through the song there is a build up that you would think is the climax but no just some nice transitions. Blending all the sounds that make good feel good beats. Then we get the cliff into the outro of the song and still giving the same energy on a different level. Closing out just as strong as it opened as it washes you over with a cool tonal ending. That track makes me want to workout and literally Dance All Night.

Listen to “Dance All Night” here.