FB Verified WTF

Release Date: 2019-12-13
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Australian Renowned DJ/Producer Beyond Tha Noize is back with another massive single “FB VERIFIED WTF! Following on from the Massive Parody Dog Face Filter Track which seen it reach up to 330K Shazams, Reaching the Top 100 in Brazil, India, Singapore, Korea and Other places around the Globe. But this single is 100x BIGGER AND BETTER! With Crazy High Energy chords, Heart racing Cinematic build ups and Soaring risers, which leads us into some crazy sample vocals and then the drop! which will absolutely BLOW YOUR MIND!

Album Review

Listening to “FB Verified WTF” made us fall absolutely in love with the style and arrangement. This song makes you want to go to a festival and break free. You instantly let loose to not only the rhythm of the song but the electrifying components to the record. The hook was catchy. “WTF I’m verified on facebook” repeating itself was a perfect way to use pop culture and transform it into a whimsical element of your record. Beyond Tha Noize knows how to strategically arrange a song using their creative aspects to create astonishing components that will blow your mind! This is an innovative and eclectic record that pushes the boundaries of the electronic dance genre.